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Echoborgs: Psychologists Bring You Face To Face With A Chat-bot


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When Your Therapist Is a Bot





Whether an automated coach can help you think through your things may depend on how complex they are. Then again, users seem to be seeking Cloverpop’s input on some fairly major life decisions. Alongside the one about ISIS (which, while certainly major, may not actually be serious), I found questions about marriage and divorce, art and love. Maybe there’s something appealing about a virtual coach that analyzes your options without emotion and gives them a numerical score. Maybe Cloverpop offers the ultimate outside perspective: a system that looks at human problems in an inhuman way. (Anna North, NYTimes.com)

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Do Feelings Compute? If Not, The Turing Test Doesn’t Mean Much

But of course it’s one thing to be able to express emotions and another to really feel them. A lot of people maintain that that’s something computers simply can’t do. As a contemporary of Turing put it, no mechanism could feel grief when its valves fuse or be made miserable by its mistakes. That sounds right to me — how could a machine feel any of those emotions without a human body to touch them off? You can get it to signal sorrow by synthesizing a catch in its voice, but it’s not going to be caused by a real sob rising in its chest. (Geoff Nunberg, NPR)

Digital brain


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