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The Best Twitter Bots for Keeping Tabs on the Government

by Sarah Jeong, Motherboard


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These Bots Tweet When Government Officials Edit Wikipedia

The Parliament WikiEdits account hasn’t actually tweeted any results yet, so it remains to be seen if the UK government trolls are going to crawl up from under their bridge once again, or if all that media exposure scared them off. (Staffers may also have wisened up enough to make their edits from home.)

International copycat accounts have taken up the mantle, and they’ve already shown some success. Congress-edits, the US-focused account, has broadcast that the Wikipedia entry for “Horse head mask” was changed yesterday. Another tweet notes edits to the Zhou Jiping article, and two changes in very quick succession on theCorpus Christi, Texas entry. Because these changes were made anonymously, and the only info to go in is the IP address, it cannot be determined which government employee decided to correct someone. (Motherboard)


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