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Bots don’t need to pass the Turing test — just the beer test

by Amir Shevat, VentureBeat


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Meet The Sexy Robot Catfishing Dudes At SXSW

“Ex Machina,” which premiered in Austin during SXSW, tells the story of a young coder invited to his boss’ compound, where he meets Ava, an eerily human robot. Their interactions are part of a Turing Test, which holds that a truly artificially intelligent machine will convince a person of its humanity.

On Tinder, Ava asked questions that could have come from an artificial intelligence trying to understand humans. That’s what makes this Tinder stunt so creepy: Brock thought Ava was a real woman (even though, as The Verge noted in hindsight, her Tinder account “uses punctuation and capitalization like a middle school teacher with tenure.”) (Katie Sola, Huffington Post)

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Do Feelings Compute? If Not, The Turing Test Doesn’t Mean Much

But of course it’s one thing to be able to express emotions and another to really feel them. A lot of people maintain that that’s something computers simply can’t do. As a contemporary of Turing put it, no mechanism could feel grief when its valves fuse or be made miserable by its mistakes. That sounds right to me — how could a machine feel any of those emotions without a human body to touch them off? You can get it to signal sorrow by synthesizing a catch in its voice, but it’s not going to be caused by a real sob rising in its chest. (Geoff Nunberg, NPR)

Digital brain


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Failing the Turing Test

(AFP/AFP/Getty Images)

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Clever Bots (from Radiolab)

Robot Scrabble

Scrabble (Jenn and Tony Bot/flickr)

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