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A 19-year-old made a free robot lawyer that has appealed $3 million in parking tickets

by Leanna Garfield, Tech Insider


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The Internet Is for Humans, Not Robots

by Adrienne LaFrance, The Atlantic

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PSA: Now, a Twitter bot to fill your feed with the Internet’s oldest pages

by Sam Machkovech, ArsTechnica

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ONLINE One Chart That Shows How Much Money Ashley Madison Made Using Bots

by Annalee Newitz, Gizmodo

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From E-Commerce to Web 3.0: Let the Bots Do the Shopping

In a Web 3.0 world, then, a personalized travel agent will help you find and book a highly customized itinerary, leveraging all the power of previous generations of Web technology –searching (both generic and vertical), community building, content and commerce. That’s how I get Web 3.0 = (4C+P+VS) — the sum of content, commerce, community and context, with personalization and vertical search.

This is complex technology, requiring sophisticated artificial-intelligence algorithms. After all, your Web 3.0 travel agent will not be a “person” but a “bot”, or intelligent agent. But I suspect you will like your travel bot. And your career bot. And your shopping bot. (Sramana Mitra, Wired)

Shoppers browse at Nordstrom Rack. Are you ready for Web 3.0 and your own shopping bot?

Image: Kimco Realty / Flickr

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In A Battle For Web Traffic, Bad Bots Are Going After Grandma

Once inside your system, bad bots can get a lot of information, like corporate and government secrets. But Dan Kaminsky, the founder of the security firm White Ops, says his company noticed that bots were going after individual users.

By hijacking a user's computer, "bad" bots make it look as if she visits a website often, thus making the site more valuable to advertisers.


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