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This A.I. Tinder bot takes the hard work out of flirting

by Marisa Kabas, The Daily Dot


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Hot or bot? How to tell if your Tinder match is a real live human

by Taryn Hillin, Fusion

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Meet The Sexy Robot Catfishing Dudes At SXSW

“Ex Machina,” which premiered in Austin during SXSW, tells the story of a young coder invited to his boss’ compound, where he meets Ava, an eerily human robot. Their interactions are part of a Turing Test, which holds that a truly artificially intelligent machine will convince a person of its humanity.

On Tinder, Ava asked questions that could have come from an artificial intelligence trying to understand humans. That’s what makes this Tinder stunt so creepy: Brock thought Ava was a real woman (even though, as The Verge noted in hindsight, her Tinder account “uses punctuation and capitalization like a middle school teacher with tenure.”) (Katie Sola, Huffington Post)

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